Alan Waliggo Omutaka Nakirembeka , Alan David Wunyi Waliggo

Omutaka Nakirembeka, Alan David Wunyi Waliggo, is head of the Mutima Musaggi (Cow Heart) Clan in and former Chairman of Olukiiko lw’Abataka Abakulu b’Ebika by’Abaganda (the Clan Heads Council) of the Kingdom of Buganda.

An electrical engineer by profession, Mr. Waliggo runs his own engineering and technology company and is a director of a number of family businesses all based in Kampala, Buganda, Uganda.

Nakirembeka, who is sworn to restoring Buganda to its full and inalienable glory, currently serves as Managing Director of Abataka Trust Limited, a not-for-profit organization formed by Baganda Clan Heads during his tenure as Chairman.

Jjajja, as he is culturally and fondly called, is a modest philanthropist and a keen lover of music, art and design.

Omutaka Nakirembeka is a regular at Ttabamiruka of America annual conferences. He was there at inaugural Ttabamiruka 2007 and has returned a few other times, with his lovely wife, Jjajja Mukyala.

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